Sunday, August 05, 2007

stupid pple

ok so here i am to rant about things!i tell u, those pple in the sch can be total buttheads! i mean when u do projects u gotta do work and not just plagiarise right? gosh and we had an entire lecture on plagiarism and u are still doing it!! bloody lazy simon la. he gave me his work on day before the deadline with perfect english. how dumb does he think i am i really wonder. entire website copied and pasted. to all u out there, be wary of pple who are like tt. they r using u. so what i did was just asked him to do it again, and i didnt even bother to correct his atrocious english. serves u right. give me last minute. to all those going ot uni, pple like tt breeze thru projects and do very well in exams ,just watch out for them. as for the rest, so what if u cant find info?? so u think somehow magically i can find the info u need and do it for u?? wishful thinking. doesnt matter if i do badly in the subj, u guys will suffer in the end with tt attitude of urs.

ok gd things now. haha g0t elected vice pres in my cca (theres only one) and its smth like council. yay!! i think..for now. before the work load starts coming in.


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