Saturday, March 17, 2007

oliver james is so HOT!

ok jus watched what a girl wants and i think oliver james so darn HOT!! his eyes his hair ahhhhh!!!
i wanna kiss him!! oops better not say too much. aahhran is coming back fr france. hee! but he's been french kissing all thos gals so i get to do it too dont ya think? :P

It was a hot summer's day yet i was cooled by the air conditioning in the sbs bus. I was a long way away from home sitting atop the double decker. She walked up the stairs and the minute she sat down, a thoughtful look crossed her face. She opened her wallet quickly to take out an old toto ticket and started writing furiously. I was intrigued. What was so important tt she had to jot it down with so much passion and vigour? I was memorised with the look upon her face, so childlike and happy, something i had not seen for quite a while. Without thinking, i slid into the seat next to her and asked if i may see what she was penning down. She pursed her lips and finally let me see and this is what she wrote.

A Leaf's story

I took delight in watching the leaves fluttering from the trees
Enjoying the freedom and being the happiest they could be
Loving the spotlight from the sun
Relishing the breeze and having fun.

The scattered leaves soon lay down to rest on the grass for as far as a mile
But along comes a worker to blow them into a pile
Awakening them from their peaceful lull

To jump for joy was their mission
To gravity they would never listen
Ever so slowly they gather together
A few mischievous ones runnung away thinking it wouldnt matter

When they are finally in a leafy pile
Behind the tress creeps a cheeky child
To play and dance in the leafy mound
And throw up the leaves till they're far from the ground.


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