Sunday, June 03, 2007

the irony of campaigns

ok so here i am blogging abt my life in the tourism academy. so far its not that bad..been having loads of projects (which i hate) but meeting lots of pple :) only 8 sg students in the entire 100 pple campus. ok so theres pple from other diplomas but they only come here for 1 semester. so let me share with u the number of projects we have. 7! can u belive it? one for every subject we;re taking! seriously! and the subject like business communicatin skills has 2!! man! sucks. we;re graded on so many things like class participation ( oh come on isnt tt a little biased depending on if the teacher likes u?) and even online quizzes where u can ask ur friends the answer!

so now on to the students. lets jus say they're a lot more than the ugly singaporean could ever be. seriously, when i compare them to the sg students from the other diploma it can really make u change ur life. i have been able to mingle with them and see how hospitable they are! and they;re not even in their own country!! so yea! u know how sentosa has this motto...10!...4!... plus more which actually means that when u see another person 10 feet away, u wave when they are 4 feet away u say hi and how r u? and more basically means u can say more things.. so friendly isnt it? but when u see a sg student(only fr the other diploma) they dont even bother! they look away or think ure mad for smiling at them! singaporean mentality? how effective was the 4 million smiles campaign? haha probably valid only when the IMF pple were here. pretty sad isnt it? im beginning to think that the gov's campaigns arent really working anymore. whats the need for them? beginning to realise that the pple u hav brought up arent really world standard? yep so bring on the foreign talent to teach us! wow sg has a lot to learn. from the kiasuness to other things tt cant be counted.

well not saying that every single sg person is like tt. but still wont we grow up to be like tt some day if we r constantly being influenced by this competitive env? ok enough abt the international studnets being immaculate.. we all hav faults dont we? so i gotta name them b4 i get my butt kicked by others. they can be very lost esp with the language and technical know how. so im constantly being asked by them abt how to do this and tt and it is VERY frustrating. sometimes i wonder why they dont listen in class or why dont they bother to ASK the teacher! man! if u dont know, ask the right person! ok so its definitely ok to ask me but to ask me every single thing the teacher said during class is absolutely NOT ok. it is understandable if u are in eg an engineering course were u might be a little shy to ask but come on, ure in the tourism business u gotta open ur mouth to ask. well enough said

would like to talk abt my new found craft! and that;s automata! seriously i bet u dont hav a clue as to what that is. its just mechanical toys that uses pulleys and gears and cranking actions to move something. so it is a kind of art really. u can use paper, wood, rope to make it. and i think dennis, u might like this haha thats if u r actually reading my posts haha. its really interesting! So moved from polyhedras to paper quilling to loads of things to this! But doubt i would dwell much on this craft as it looks pretty tough. To all u pple out there u should really try paper quilling, haha made some money from that! Call me if u want some flowers for decoration of a card!


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