Tuesday, May 01, 2007

darn blogger

ok so i did type a post recently but apparently blooger signed me out and i now hav to retype everything i said. man... so tired haha so too bad not gonna type anything much to amuse you. been feeling really fat lately and i have yet to get down to exercise haha get down, exercise? doesnt seem to fit. well got a new tv (supposedly getting a 42 inch plasma tv but what we got was a 14 inch tv). talk abt con. haha the con of man, doesnt tt sound familiar? no la the pple jus couldnt get their act tog so we hav to wait somemore to get tt tv. yay! no more fat tv! whats the reason for this luxury? my other tv broke down and cried...i mean blew(its nose) . haha 10 yrs what do u expect? no electrical appliance works for more than 10 yrs nowadays. why? the whole lure of earning more money when u buy more things to replace the emptiness when its gone. makes technology sort of go back isnt it? or maybe the fact tt things r much more fragile and complicated so much so tt they break easily. whatever. been getting lots of new things in the hse lately. like the new fan (35W) are u kidding me?? im still sweating when the fan is fixed on me. its almost like getting a friend to blow wind on me. i said blow, not pass wind.
i must say life has gotten a little more mundane since aaron went to prison for his misdeeds. sad isnt it? how some pple are forced to endure pain and hardship when they dont wish to? for all u know this whole ns thing might even cause pple to rebel against sg and run to the arms of the enemy. and dont u think tt when war comes pple will instinctively know what to do? like fight for their country and stuff? haha with all the "wide smiles" going around lately its no wonder if singaporeans will gladly surrender to the enemy. haha well no one will know what im talking abt haha.
been reading lots of roald dahld lately. some pple think its kiddish but honestly he dos hav some stories tt arent really meant for children cuz it has some tough stuff. meaning non innocent things. well, tts him i guess. always enjoyed his stories when i was young. as for c.s. lewis(author of chronicles of narnia) u might wanna read his "screwtape letters" pretty hard to understand sometimes. its abt a devil;s minion and his nephew trying to persuade a human to sin. and if u wanna improve ur eng i strongly recommend jane eyre. its really a gd book. not really a bk tt u might be so drawn into at first but its gd to read cuz of the delightful eng.i must say my eng has improved ever since i read tt book. im gonna be reading rich dad poor dad next followed by petals in the wind, which is a continuation of flowers in the attic, a intriguing bk tt borders on gross topics which i wont mention but altogether interesting. well once sch starts to get busy wont hav time any more. kinda sad. :( well tourism academy here i come.


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