Wednesday, January 05, 2011


on a cold wintry night, a beautiful flower sits in a field of grass

the cold winds blow freezing up its sweet centre, losing its most precious

morning comes and a child plucks its petals one by one in cruel amusement

leaving behind the lone stalk never to live again

Friday, March 21, 2008

sexual preference?

haha ok i got tagged by eugene to do this. Choose a song which can't stop running through your mind. google it via youtube. Tag 5 of your friends to do the same. ok no idea how to do this. but i do have a song. its "sometimes when we touch" by rod stewart. the best version of it on youtube is brokeback mountain- sometimes when we touch

haha and here eug was saying abt sexual preference..ahem ok so go see it. the song is good and the video is sorta sweet. wahaha but i think many wld beg to differ. haha when he sings "drive u to ur knees" with the video playing, i think eug wld be puking away...maybe he'd hav stopped watching already? haha sorry for laughing at ur expense if u see this.

found the best website ever to play mahjong or big two. tts why im always online everyday!. ok saving up to buy some bunnies as pets. oh the website is go there now!! my heaven...

Friday, March 14, 2008


well its been a long while since ive read anyone's blog and its a wonder that i remembered the url of the class blog. read some of my jc friend's blogs and felt realyl sad that i hav lost touch with them. more or less everyone single one of them except aaron of course. i have no idea what is going on in their life, no idea how they look like, sound like, whats on their minds. got quite a bit of nostalgia from reading. it felt like jc was part of another life tt i had. well in some ways tt is true cuz im totally gone fr their world cuz of the course tt im doing. no complaints on my tourism course, its been fantastic so far. but well..i wonder if i will have the energy to do so. its not easy i think getting back in contact. some may say tt it is jus a phone call away but the mindset of the 2 parties might be worlds apart. so what wld tt call do? maybe i shld try. i dont know. having hols now so time is not of the essence.

sometimes sccumbing to alcohol intoxication has so much pleasant effects. i shld stop relying on it to relieve myself before i need to join AA. shit.. what has happened to me...

Sunday, August 05, 2007

stupid pple

ok so here i am to rant about things!i tell u, those pple in the sch can be total buttheads! i mean when u do projects u gotta do work and not just plagiarise right? gosh and we had an entire lecture on plagiarism and u are still doing it!! bloody lazy simon la. he gave me his work on day before the deadline with perfect english. how dumb does he think i am i really wonder. entire website copied and pasted. to all u out there, be wary of pple who are like tt. they r using u. so what i did was just asked him to do it again, and i didnt even bother to correct his atrocious english. serves u right. give me last minute. to all those going ot uni, pple like tt breeze thru projects and do very well in exams ,just watch out for them. as for the rest, so what if u cant find info?? so u think somehow magically i can find the info u need and do it for u?? wishful thinking. doesnt matter if i do badly in the subj, u guys will suffer in the end with tt attitude of urs.

ok gd things now. haha g0t elected vice pres in my cca (theres only one) and its smth like council. yay!! i think..for now. before the work load starts coming in.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

the irony of campaigns

ok so here i am blogging abt my life in the tourism academy. so far its not that bad..been having loads of projects (which i hate) but meeting lots of pple :) only 8 sg students in the entire 100 pple campus. ok so theres pple from other diplomas but they only come here for 1 semester. so let me share with u the number of projects we have. 7! can u belive it? one for every subject we;re taking! seriously! and the subject like business communicatin skills has 2!! man! sucks. we;re graded on so many things like class participation ( oh come on isnt tt a little biased depending on if the teacher likes u?) and even online quizzes where u can ask ur friends the answer!

so now on to the students. lets jus say they're a lot more than the ugly singaporean could ever be. seriously, when i compare them to the sg students from the other diploma it can really make u change ur life. i have been able to mingle with them and see how hospitable they are! and they;re not even in their own country!! so yea! u know how sentosa has this motto...10!...4!... plus more which actually means that when u see another person 10 feet away, u wave when they are 4 feet away u say hi and how r u? and more basically means u can say more things.. so friendly isnt it? but when u see a sg student(only fr the other diploma) they dont even bother! they look away or think ure mad for smiling at them! singaporean mentality? how effective was the 4 million smiles campaign? haha probably valid only when the IMF pple were here. pretty sad isnt it? im beginning to think that the gov's campaigns arent really working anymore. whats the need for them? beginning to realise that the pple u hav brought up arent really world standard? yep so bring on the foreign talent to teach us! wow sg has a lot to learn. from the kiasuness to other things tt cant be counted.

well not saying that every single sg person is like tt. but still wont we grow up to be like tt some day if we r constantly being influenced by this competitive env? ok enough abt the international studnets being immaculate.. we all hav faults dont we? so i gotta name them b4 i get my butt kicked by others. they can be very lost esp with the language and technical know how. so im constantly being asked by them abt how to do this and tt and it is VERY frustrating. sometimes i wonder why they dont listen in class or why dont they bother to ASK the teacher! man! if u dont know, ask the right person! ok so its definitely ok to ask me but to ask me every single thing the teacher said during class is absolutely NOT ok. it is understandable if u are in eg an engineering course were u might be a little shy to ask but come on, ure in the tourism business u gotta open ur mouth to ask. well enough said

would like to talk abt my new found craft! and that;s automata! seriously i bet u dont hav a clue as to what that is. its just mechanical toys that uses pulleys and gears and cranking actions to move something. so it is a kind of art really. u can use paper, wood, rope to make it. and i think dennis, u might like this haha thats if u r actually reading my posts haha. its really interesting! So moved from polyhedras to paper quilling to loads of things to this! But doubt i would dwell much on this craft as it looks pretty tough. To all u pple out there u should really try paper quilling, haha made some money from that! Call me if u want some flowers for decoration of a card!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

darn blogger

ok so i did type a post recently but apparently blooger signed me out and i now hav to retype everything i said. man... so tired haha so too bad not gonna type anything much to amuse you. been feeling really fat lately and i have yet to get down to exercise haha get down, exercise? doesnt seem to fit. well got a new tv (supposedly getting a 42 inch plasma tv but what we got was a 14 inch tv). talk abt con. haha the con of man, doesnt tt sound familiar? no la the pple jus couldnt get their act tog so we hav to wait somemore to get tt tv. yay! no more fat tv! whats the reason for this luxury? my other tv broke down and cried...i mean blew(its nose) . haha 10 yrs what do u expect? no electrical appliance works for more than 10 yrs nowadays. why? the whole lure of earning more money when u buy more things to replace the emptiness when its gone. makes technology sort of go back isnt it? or maybe the fact tt things r much more fragile and complicated so much so tt they break easily. whatever. been getting lots of new things in the hse lately. like the new fan (35W) are u kidding me?? im still sweating when the fan is fixed on me. its almost like getting a friend to blow wind on me. i said blow, not pass wind.
i must say life has gotten a little more mundane since aaron went to prison for his misdeeds. sad isnt it? how some pple are forced to endure pain and hardship when they dont wish to? for all u know this whole ns thing might even cause pple to rebel against sg and run to the arms of the enemy. and dont u think tt when war comes pple will instinctively know what to do? like fight for their country and stuff? haha with all the "wide smiles" going around lately its no wonder if singaporeans will gladly surrender to the enemy. haha well no one will know what im talking abt haha.
been reading lots of roald dahld lately. some pple think its kiddish but honestly he dos hav some stories tt arent really meant for children cuz it has some tough stuff. meaning non innocent things. well, tts him i guess. always enjoyed his stories when i was young. as for c.s. lewis(author of chronicles of narnia) u might wanna read his "screwtape letters" pretty hard to understand sometimes. its abt a devil;s minion and his nephew trying to persuade a human to sin. and if u wanna improve ur eng i strongly recommend jane eyre. its really a gd book. not really a bk tt u might be so drawn into at first but its gd to read cuz of the delightful eng.i must say my eng has improved ever since i read tt book. im gonna be reading rich dad poor dad next followed by petals in the wind, which is a continuation of flowers in the attic, a intriguing bk tt borders on gross topics which i wont mention but altogether interesting. well once sch starts to get busy wont hav time any more. kinda sad. :( well tourism academy here i come.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

oliver james is so HOT!

ok jus watched what a girl wants and i think oliver james so darn HOT!! his eyes his hair ahhhhh!!!
i wanna kiss him!! oops better not say too much. aahhran is coming back fr france. hee! but he's been french kissing all thos gals so i get to do it too dont ya think? :P

It was a hot summer's day yet i was cooled by the air conditioning in the sbs bus. I was a long way away from home sitting atop the double decker. She walked up the stairs and the minute she sat down, a thoughtful look crossed her face. She opened her wallet quickly to take out an old toto ticket and started writing furiously. I was intrigued. What was so important tt she had to jot it down with so much passion and vigour? I was memorised with the look upon her face, so childlike and happy, something i had not seen for quite a while. Without thinking, i slid into the seat next to her and asked if i may see what she was penning down. She pursed her lips and finally let me see and this is what she wrote.

A Leaf's story

I took delight in watching the leaves fluttering from the trees
Enjoying the freedom and being the happiest they could be
Loving the spotlight from the sun
Relishing the breeze and having fun.

The scattered leaves soon lay down to rest on the grass for as far as a mile
But along comes a worker to blow them into a pile
Awakening them from their peaceful lull

To jump for joy was their mission
To gravity they would never listen
Ever so slowly they gather together
A few mischievous ones runnung away thinking it wouldnt matter

When they are finally in a leafy pile
Behind the tress creeps a cheeky child
To play and dance in the leafy mound
And throw up the leaves till they're far from the ground.

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Yellows are the most fun-loving, free-spirited,
energetic, and childlike personalities in the
aura spectrum. Yellows are wonderful,
sensitive, optimistic beings, whose life
purpose is to bring joy to people, to have fun,
and to help heal the planet.

What Is Your True Aura Colour?
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You're Element is Light. You are friendly, happy,
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You would be forced to break up with someone who was emotional, moody, and difficult to please.
Your ideal relationship is lasting. You want a relationship that looks to the future... one you can grow with.
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