Friday, March 09, 2007

poly lolly

ok i really dont know where to go poly or uni? i didnt do tt badly but i doubt i can get into the course tt i want. whihc is business. so how? so anyway went for the interview under tourism academy at sentosa. sounds fun huh? but the travelling there everyday is gonna kill me! so yea. well interview went fine but i wonder if i can get into this course. haha my reasoni stated for wanting this course in the interview is pretty lame. so this course requires me to hav gone thru jc which is pretty gd i guess. more international students than sg ones so i guess tt has its gd and bad. if i do get into this course then i dont hav to crack my brain as to where to go jus gonna leave it to god to plan my future for me. well if i do get this maybe after 2 yrs i can still go to uni the same time as my little big baby. haha and then i can cut my uni course to up to half its course. so well. it all depends if i get this.

yay leaving sticky rice soon oh gdbye u stupid slave drivers. woe to thee who hath caused me so much u better give me back all my pay or i'll sue u.

missing my baby who has gone to france to get french kissed. u better not improve in ur kissing skills or i'll KILL u! :D hee hee


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