Saturday, February 17, 2007

the new and updated me

haha finally decided to post smth lol been meaning to for quite a while but havent got around to it. well got all these funny things like i gotta update and all tt so finally went to get myself a new gmail account.
been working at sticky rice in serangoon gardens. chomp chomp area.anyone up for thai food tell me i can get u a 10% discount if i see u there and if i acknowledge u ( tt is depending on my mood :P) as my companion who deserves tt discount. lol ok la jus come. the set lunches r more worth at abt 10 dollars per set. if u wish to savour the ala carte menu, do remember to bring along with u ur credit cards. Ere u were wondering what cards they give discounts, they r UOB, standard chartered and ocbc platinum and titanium. so do come while i still grace the restaurant with my excellent services. by leaving i will inform them of their little pittance that they are currently offering me of 5 dollars per hr. it is alright if they do not treat me as their slave even though they themselves are pretty much slaves to the public. so that is why i have decided to leave. i was wrong to think that in this meritocratic and fair working world of singapore i could expect fair pay and be treated fairly. i have stood outside the restaurant and served pple for 4 hrs at length and yet it is possible tt i receive lesser pay than others who hav stayed there longer than me as super part timers. im not entirely sure abt this but i overheard one of them asking for their 42 dollar pay. that will not be possible if he is paid 5 per hr. unless he collected part of his pay already than i would admit that im wrong. but for now im afraid i cant provide them with the benefit of the doubt.
next for the no of hrs they pay me it is so not worth my time. i work till every single customer leaves and also help bring in the catering trays after that. yet i am paid only till the last order. there is a difference in that of at least an hr or more. not only tt i was paid one shift less tt means 4 hrs of work gone. aka 20 dollars! i also wonder what happens to the generous tips bestowed upon us by the gracious customers. i bet its pocketed by the obnoxious head waiter or the calculative boss. sad to say i was also paid 8 days late! now what incentives are there really to work in this restaurant?
well tt would be the meals tt are provided, and the help that i receive from this assisstant thai chef that took a liking towards me. unfortunately he cant speak english so we can only communicate in chinese, and thai is out of the question for me. that is that. i do feel a sense of guilt for leaving the restaurant as i understand what it is like to hav a crush on someone and be able to see him everyday when u undergo tedious and difficult tasks. somehow it relieves one of the monotonous rhythmn of everyday life. however i do not feel guilty towards my darling's, meaning, aaron's feelings for me as i am still entirely true to him. if u still wish to patronise this restaurant, do so by all means im nto stopping u. jus be wary of the consequences of working there.
well i shall go back to working for myself cuz tt is the best way in my opinion. if u have any friends or family who own a scrapbooking shop or wish to purchase items tt can be placed on greeting cards or used in any way to decorate things, do tell them to give me a call. i specialise in paper quilling :) for a free sample, feel free to call me too. thanks!


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